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Introducing Pocket A must have for anyone who wants to own their information & security

small, on the go, streamable database

 Pocket is incredibly user-friendly, the answer for those who want to own their own information grid.

No subscription. Because it doesn't use satellites or cell towers. 

Pocket is easy to use and extremely interoperable. It can be deployed anywhere with the use of any device that has a browser. Cellphone, Laptop, Tablet, Desktop ETC.

- Share your hotspot with 10 people simultaneously
- 4 Hour Battery Life
- 12 Hour Stand-by
- Rapid Rechargeability
- Housed in a IP67 Rated S3 T1000 with foam inserts

Due to high demand, this item is now in a “pre-order” status. It will be delivered within 30 days.


"How does this work?"
Pocket operates similarly to a standard internet server with one key difference: Pocket references its own data. Unlike traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that connect users to a bank of external servers hosting various websites, Pocket functions as a local server. While access to sites like Facebook is not available through Pocket, users can enjoy a vast array of resources including thousands of books, medical libraries, multimedia content, survival manuals, Wikipedia, and much more.

"Can I add my own information to it?"
Pocket is intentionally designed as a static drive, not intended for modification or additional content. Our customers consistently praise the curated content within Pocket, stating that it exceeds their expectations. Consequently, any minor additions you wish to make should be easily manageable by the device you use to access Pocket.

"How long does the battery last?"
Pocket is equipped with a 1200mAh battery, delivering a minimum of 4 hours of active usage and up to 12 hours of standby time. Additionally, Pocket can be powered directly through external battery banks, allowing users to extend the battery life as required using their own power sources.

"Is Pocket EMP hardened?"
Pocket is intentionally not EMP-hardened, as such hardening would compromise its ability to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal, which is essential for accessing the device. However, Pocket's compact design allows it to fit easily into various Faraday bags for added protection. We recommend SLNT for this purpose.

"Where would I use this?"
Pocket can be deployed anywhere, anytime. Some of our customers enjoy using Pocket on a plane when there is no inflight wi-fi; Others use it in their off-grid cabins. There is really no end to the uses Pocket could have but it shines most when access to traditional internet is limited or not permitted

"Does it need to be updated?"
Pocket is designed as a practical tool rather than a conventional tech device, and therefore, it does not require updates. While Wikipedia content could be updated, we believe that frequent updates are unnecessary for maintaining a comprehensive library within Pocket. Moreover, Pocket ensures the preservation of information without any revisionist history, serving as a reliable and unchanging repository of knowledge.

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Customer Reviews

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Jacob Patton

Got mine today and it works great! Highly recommended! Do it.

Pockets a fantastic little device

Great little device just in case or if you do backwoods hiking/hunting.