*this FAQ page is specifically for the base station* not our other products.

    1. What exactly is Base Station and how does it differ from a regular computer?

    An off-grid computer such as Base Station, is a computer system that can operate independently of traditional power and internet infrastructure. In addition to being able to operate in a traditional fashion, It can also use alternative sources of power, such as solar panels or batteries, and uses specialized software and hardware to function without an internet connection.

    1. Why would someone want to use an off-grid computer instead of a regular computer?

    An off-grid computer can be useful in a variety of situations, such as when access to traditional power and internet infrastructure is limited or unreliable. It can also provide increased privacy and security by operating independently of online networks and servers.

    1. What are some common applications or tasks that can be performed on an off-grid computer?

    Some common applications and tasks that can be performed on an off-grid computer include word processing, data analysis, programming, and multimedia editing. In addition, specialized software can be used to run simulations, control sensors and other devices such as SDR & GPS, and perform other tasks related to survival, sigint, special awareness and more 

    1. Can an off-grid computer be used for internet browsing or accessing online content?

    When internet is available, It may be used to browse the internet in a traditional fashion.

    1. What kind of hardware or software is needed to set up an off-grid computer?

    Setting up an off-grid computer typically requires specialized hardware such as solar panels, batteries, and power management systems. In addition, specialized software is needed to enable the computer to function without an internet connection or to interact with other devices in the vicinity. We have put together an off-grid operating system, complete with repositories for purchase here.

    1. Are there any limitations to what an off-grid computer can do compared to a regular computer?

    While an off-grid computer may not have the same level of processing power as a regular computer, it can still perform many of the same functions and tasks. However, certain applications or tasks may be more difficult or impossible to perform without access to the internet or other online resources.

    1. How does the power source for an off-grid computer work and how long can it run on a single charge?

    Much the same way any other computer would, only using specific battery packs and power supplies. 

    1. Can an off-grid computer be used in remote locations or areas with no access to traditional power sources?

    Yes, an off-grid computer can be particularly useful in remote locations or areas with no access to traditional power sources or internet infrastructure. It can provide otherwise unavailable information in a time when information is needed. Y'know. Sustainment. 

    1. What are some potential privacy or security benefits of using an off-grid computer?

    Using an off-grid computer can provide increased privacy and security by enabling users to operate independently of online networks and servers. This can make it more difficult for outside parties to intercept or monitor communications, access sensitive data, or launch cyber attacks.




  1. What’s included in the kit?

        1. Everything but the raspberry pi, the cables, hardware, & the harddrive/operating system 


  3. What’s included with The Base Station?

      1. Everything you need to be operating and functional out of the box
    1. USB GPS dongle
    2. 120v wall power block 
    3. Wireless Keyboard, touch screen, and wireless folding mouse
    4. 1TB hard drive with 650GB of free-use storage space. 350GB is the operating system and repositories


    Can you message people with it? 

    • If someone else is connected to the wireless modem housed inside a complete deck, they can use the command line to communicate with other devices on the same network. Much the way people did during “LAN Parties” in the early days of the internet


    Can other people access my data on it? 

    • Only if you want them to. The internal wireless modem is password protected, if you choose to give others the password, they can log in from another smartphone or computer to access all the locally hosted repositories 
    • If you’re using the device like a normal computer connected to Wi-Fi, the internal modem can use its VPN to protect your activity online

  5. Is it waterproof? 

      • When the device is closed, it is water resistant. 
      • It uses IPX6 rated connectors on the outside of the case, and the case itself is IPX6 rated 

  7. Can I use the case when it’s closed? 

      • Using the included VNC software, you can connect to the device from any smartphone or computer remotely. 

  9. Why would I use it closed? 

      • If you were at a campsite or in a cabin with other people, you could leave it plugged in somewhere and it would just act as a personal server for people to access at will
      • Guests can only access the repositories, so your personal data can’t be touched by guests. 

  11. Can I add to the repositories?

      • At this time, that is not a functionality of the device. We are actively working on a “build-your-own” repository app but that will take time to develop
      • You can always download desired items to store personally on your desktop, they just wouldn’t be sharable on the local server. 


    • Is the battery internal?
      • No, having an external battery provides you with the opportunity to swap out batteries without having to crack open the case, this way you can keep multiple batteries and swap as needed
      • The flexibility of having an external battery allows you to get creative with power options
      • The device is customizable, If you choose to add an internal battery that is possible on your own

  13. How long does the battery that comes with the complete deck last? 

      • Approximately 8 hours during normal use

  15. Can I customize the colors and storage size of the device? 

      • At this time, no customizations can be made on my end
      • The device is open source and non proprietary in nature, so you can modify to suit your needs

  17. If I buy the complete kit is there anything else I would need to buy? 

      • No, however I highly recommend customers back-up their hard drive 
      • Using an internal program you can make a carbon copy of the operating system
      • The hard drive must be at least 500GB to hold the entire OS