**Welcome to Gridbase Projects**

At Gridbase, we're constantly seeking to demystify and excite innovation in off-grid technology. Explore some of our featured projects below, where we leverage decentralized technology to provide security, capability, and more freedom to our customers:

**Custom Built Cyberdecks:** Tailored to your specific requirements, our custom-built cyberdecks offer cutting-edge computing power for your unique needs.


**Free .STL Files:** Have some fun with our free .STL files, including accessories like spare mag holders that integrate seamlessly with the T-Rex Arms Sidecar holster.

**SDR-Driven Police Scanner:** Gain insights into your community with our SDR-driven police scanner, available for public listening to promote transparency and awareness. Here, we are listening to the North Texas Interoperable Radio Network, which covers essentially all of North Texas' dispatch for Police, Ambulatory Services, Fire, & more. 

At Gridbase, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Stay tuned for more exciting projects as we continue to explore new ways to harness decentralized technology for the benefit of our customers.