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Are you ready to enhance your outdoor communication skills? Join us for a 6-hour adventure in the heart of LBJ National Grasslands, where you'll learn essential techniques for effective communication in rugged outdoor environments. Pre-Programmed Quansheng UV-K5 with upgraded antenna included with purchase of ticket. 

Course Highlights:

Section 1: Radio Fundamentals, Power Supply and Radio Options Learn the ins and outs of power supply management and radio/antenna selection for outdoor radios. With practical demonstrations and hands-on activities, you'll gain the skills needed to set up and optimize your equipment for maximum performance. We will also be demonstrating the different types of equipment needed for mobile applications, as well as tactical applications. 

Section 2: Direction Finding Discover the power of directional antennas as we delve into their functionality, patterns, and optimization techniques. From signal interception to long-distance communication, begin to understand the basics of direction finding through hands-on exercises and practical applications, including an introductory "Fox Hunt".

Section 3: Field Expedient Antennas and Test Equipment Understand the basics of field expedient antennas and the test equipment required for their construction. From utilizing commonly found materials to troubleshooting antenna issues, this workshop will equip you with the tools and knowledge to craft reliable communication solutions on the fly.

Practical Activities:

Put your newfound skills to the test with real-world exercises in directional finding, signal analysis, and antenna deployment. Join us for a convoy exercise using radios for communication and organization, followed by an optional group dinner at Ritzy Bs barbecue to celebrate your accomplishments and engage with other communications enthusiasts.


  • Location: LBJ National Grasslands, approximately 1 hour NW of Fort Worth, Texas
  • Meeting point: Central location for convoy departure (TBD)
  • Course fee: $199 per person (limited availability)
  • Heat Warning: Be prepared for hot conditions on June 8th. Shade areas and emergency provisions will be provided. But, you should come ready to practice those sustainment skills. We will take regular breaks between sections during the Q/A. 

Contact Information:

For more information, email with "Outdoor Comms Class" in the subject line. 

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