Outdoor Communications Course Outline:

Section 1: Direction Finding

  • Introduction to directional antennas
  • Understanding antenna patterns and gain
  • Techniques for maximizing directional antenna effectiveness
  • Practical exercises in using directional antennas for locating signals
  • Area study and signals intelligence: Analyzing radio signals in the outdoor environment
  • Field exercises in signal interception and analysis
  • Long-distance communication techniques using directional antennas
  • Practical application: Hands-on exercises in making long-distance contacts
  • Field expedient directional finding methods

Section 2: Power Supply and Radio Options

  • Power supply considerations for outdoor use of radios
  • Preferable types of radios and antennas suitable for various outdoor environments
  • Selecting the right antenna for your radio, application and location
  • Practical demonstrations of setting up power supplies and antennas outdoors
  • Hands-on activities in antenna deployment and optimization

Section 3: Field Expedient Antennas and Test Equipment

  • Creating field expedient antennas from commonly found materials
  • Tools and test equipment required for antenna construction and testing
  • Hands-on workshop in building field expedient antennas
  • Testing and optimizing field expedient antennas
  • Practical exercises in using test equipment for antenna analysis and troubleshooting

Practical Activities:

  • We will meet at a central location and commute as a group to the location. During that time we will execute a convoy exercise using radios for communication and organization. Prior to, we will go over basic fundamentals when operating as a convoy. 
  • Field exercises in directional finding and signal analysis including a basic "Fox Hunt"
  • Hands-on antenna deployment and optimization
  • Group dinner at Ritzy Bs barbecue to conclude the course


  • Location: LBJ National Grasslands, approximately 1 hour N/NW of Fort Worth, Texas
  • Meeting point: Central location for convoy departure or, rally at predetermined Lat/Lon. 
  • Course fee: $199 per person
  • Limited availability
  • Demonstration equipment provided. However, participants are encouraged to bring their own handheld radios if available to do so. 
  • Heat warning: This course will take place on June 8th, and attendees should prepare for hot conditions. Emergency provisions will be available, but participants should aim to be self-sufficient. Shade area provided for breaks between sections. 
  • Contact Information: If you have more questions, please direct them to and put "Outdoor Comms Class" in the subject line.

Additional Notes:

  • Regular checkpoints are scheduled for Q&A sessions throughout the course to ensure clarity and understanding.
  • Conclusion: This 6-hour course offers hands-on learning in outdoor/off-grid communications. Join us at LBJ National Grasslands for an unforgettable adventure. Reserve your spot today!